microCT Core

The Forsyth Micro Computed Tomography (μCT) Core is an imaging facility equipped with a Scanco μCT 40, ex vivo μCT scanner, with a high throughput scanning option (auto sample exchanger). The scanner is designed for 3D X-ray imaging of small samples in high resolution, and will provide images and quantitative analyses of internal structures of ex vivo samples without any destructive procedures. The non-destructive nature of this technology allows investigators to carry out complementary analyses (e.g., histology) of the same samples. The instrument is basically designed for mineralized tissues. However, imaging of soft tissue, such as blood vessels, is also possible if an appropriate contrast reagent is used.

Users can analyze their data using one of the computer workstations containing either the Scanco analysis software or the Amira software package with the XImagePAQ extension for analyzing mineralized tissue samples.